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This Programme Guidance is a constant work in progress. We encourage our teams, our partners and colleagues to help to keep this tool as practical, relevant and up-to-date as possible. This can only be done with your support.

The concept, content, categories, and ideas for tools all came from intensive consultations with SBC experts, led by UNICEF country and regional colleagues. We could not have gotten to this phase of the toolkit without the time, commitment and expertise of many, many people from within UNICEF and from our partners and colleagues around the world.

In particular we’d like to thank:

UNICEF Internal Core Group

The Internal Core Group (ICG) led the development of the Programme Guidance. The ICG is made up of UNICEF SBC experts from across the world who volunteered countless hours on the content, design, approach, tools development and delivery of the Programme Guidance.           

• Anastasiia Nurzhynska, UNICEF Ghana           
• Anna Sukhodolska, UNICEF Ukraine           
• Benjamin Hickler, Office of Research / Innocenti           
• Gema Espinoza Delgado, UNICEF Nicaragua           
• Hyung Joon Kim, UNICEF Malaysia           
• Julianne Birungi, UNICEF HQ           
• Karen Greiner, UNICEF RO - West and Central Africa           
• Mais Allobaidy, UNICEF Syria           
• Maria Estela Caparelli, UNICEF Myanmar           
• Massimiliano Sani, UNICEF RO - Eastern and Southern Africa           
• Mohammed Abu Sulaiman, UNICEF Palestine           
• Rustam Haydarov, UNICEF HQ, Polio           
• Sergiu Tomsa, UNICEF RO - Europe and Central Asia           
• Siddartha Shrestha, UNICEF India           
• Vincent Petit, UNICEF HQ

External Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group (EAG) was nominated by the UNICEF Internal Core Group to provide external expertise and perspectives on a variety of SBC topics. The EAG fed into the content categories, approaches and provided detailed technical feedback on the Programme Guidance, drafting and references.           

• Aimée Vega Montiel, Feminist Researcher, National Autonomous University of Mexico           
• Akaki Zoidze, Expert in Health Policy and Systems, Tbilisi State Medical University and Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia           
• Alex Fiorillo, Principal, Grid Impact           
• Anushka Ashok, Behaviour Architect, Final Mile           
• Benjamin Kumpf, Head of Innovation, Development, OECD           
• Chaning Jang, CEO, Busara Center for Behavioral Economics           
• Danielle Pedi, Senior Programme Officer, BMGF           
• Elena Altieri, Behavioural Insights Unit Lead, WHO           
• Isabel Sandoval, Studio Director, ThinkPlace Senegal           
• Moses Katabarwa, Senior Programme Anthropologist and Epidemiologist, The Carter Center           
• Nicola Christofides, Senior Lecturer, SBC, University of the Witwatersrand           
• Nikki Tyler, Lead Advisor, USAID           
• Richard Wright, Behavioural Science Director, Unilever           
• Sam Tatam, Head of Behavioural Science Practice, Ogilvy Growth and Innovation           
• Virgina Lacayo, Social Change and Systems Thinking           
• Zeina Afif, Senior Social Scientist, World Bank, eMBeD

Experts interviewed

Several experts identified by UNICEF were interviewed at the outset of the Programme Guidance development to provide their views on the state of the field of social change and behaviour change and UNICEF’s role in that space.           

• Amy Rowland, Associate Director for Communication Science, CDC           
• Anuradha Gupta, Deputy CEO, Gavi           
• Chris Graves, President and Founder, Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science           
• Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University           
• Faisal Neru, Executive Director, Policy Innovation Centre           
• Geeta Rao Gupta, Executive Director, United Nations Foundation           
• Henriette Ahrens, UNICEF Programme Division, HQ           
• Juliet Bedford, Director, Anthrologica           
• Karina Lorenzana, Behavioural Scientist, ideas42           
• Kevin Green, Vice President, Center for Behavior & the Environment, Rare           
• Michael Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme           
• Michel-Olivier Lacharité, Head of Emergency Desk, MSF           
• Rafael Obregon, Country Representative, UNICEF Paraguay           
• Rudi Coninx, Senior Policy Adviser, WHO Health Emergencies           
• Tracy Johnson , Senior Program Officer, BMGF           
• Warren Feek, Executive Director, Communication Initiative

Additional drafters and reviewers

In addition to those who supported the drafting and reviewing of the Guidance from the Internal Core Group and External Advisory Group, other Drafters and Reviewers included:

• Agnes Barongo, UNICEF    
• Alessia Radice, UNICEF    
• Amaya Guillespie, UNICEF    
• Andinet Challa, UNICEF    
• Andrew Carlson, UNICEF    
• Anu Nayak, UNICEF    
• Anu Puri, UNICEF    
• Beyza Buket Cihan, UNICEF    
• Carla Daher, UNICEF    
• Carlotta Barcaro, UNICEF    
• Caroline den Dulk, UNICEF    
• Chancy Mauluka, UNICEF    
• Charles-Antoine Hoffman, UNICEF    
• Charlotte Lapsanky, UNICEF    
• Christopher Brooks, UNICEF    
• Claude Moni, UNICEF    
• Deepa Risal Pokharal, UNICEF    
• Dorina Andreev-jitaru, UNICEF    
• Etienne Kilian Reussner, UNICEF    
• Gaia Chiti Strigelli, UNICEF    
• Hameed Kashan, UNICEF    
• Ilona Lalova, UNICEF    
• James Angus Thomson, UNICEF    
• Jon Kapp, Community Systems Foundation    
• Jose Lainez, UNICEF    
• Ken Limwame, UNICEF    
• Kent Mphepo, Story Workshop    
• Kerida McDonald, UNICEF    
• Laurie Markle, UNICEF    
• Lori Foster, North Carolina State University    
• Mariana Palavra, UNICEF    
• Marianna Zaichykova, UNICEF    
• Mario Mosquera, UNICEF    
• Mohamed Yasir, UNICEF    
• Mohammad Alamgir, UNICEF    
• Najwa Mekki, UNICEF    
• Natalie Fol, UNICEF    
• Naureen Naqvi, UNICEF    
• Neha Kapil, UNICEF    
• Patnice Nkhonjera, UNICEF    
• Rania Elessawi, UNICEF    
• Rebecca Smith, UNICEF    
• Ruchira Gujral, UNICEF    
• Shah Jamal Akhlaque, UNICEF    
• Sharif Baaser, UNICEF    
• Shreya Singh, UNICEF    
• Silvia Sommariva, UNICEF    
• Tasmia Bashar, UNICEF    
• Timothy Hunt, Columbia School of Social Work, Columbia University in the City of New York    
• Valentina Otmacic, UNICEF    
• Valerio Lovine, UNICEF    
• Vitalien Adoukonou, UNICEF    
• Vololomanitra Belalahy, UNICEF    
• Warren Feek, Communication Initiative    
• Yelognisse Adoukonou, UNICEF


• Vera Khokhlova represented by Tillanelli           
• Kate October represented by Tillanelli


UNICEF collaborated with Common Thread to facilitate, draft, and design this programme guidance. Common Thread is a behavioural design firm that finds human-centred solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

For more information: Visit or email

Drafting and editing support:

Michael Coleman, Felicity Pocklington, Lydia Trupe, Sherine Guirguis, Pauline Kabitsis, Gael Welstead, Amel Benzerga


Regina Madanguit


Jim O’Neill, Katrina Varlam, Samyuktha Sam